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This is pdf to ps free convert. This tool giving PostScript vector on output, it comptable with rgb colors. Functionality of this tool very simple, you have pdf file with 1-40 pages, you can convert first 40 pages to ps images (one image per page). Size of A4 page (text filled) in ps image is about 95Kb, and for half empty page 52Kb. Output of pdf to ps online converter having nice quality both for text and images, PDF to PostScript giving images that can be zoomed in without quality decrease - it's is powerfull feature of vector formats, also file size of image is low and file is archive compatible. There is option of "pages limit" - it is number of pages that will be converted to ps image. Convert pdf to ps working not instantly because it taking some time to upload your file to server and process pages. Page size auto detect turned on, so your pdf document can be with not standart size. There are some examples on bottom of page, for see vector image you can use KGhostView or other similar viewer that comptable with vector format.

Warning: if you using pages limit more than "First only", and pdf contain more than one page - you will get ZIP archive with images.
PS image format giving medium quality if look it 1:1, but real quality is perfect - try to zoom it to 300%.

PDF file: Pages Limit:

This is examples of using pdf to ps free convert tool, original pdf file, outout ps file. Quality is good, and file size is 18Kb Kb, PostScript file can be zoomed without quality decrease.